Cedar Valley Tree Stands

It's probably the most important part of having a great looking tree and is one of the most overlooked item at Christmas. These Cedart Valley Tree Stands (we call them "Marriage Savers!") are available in three sizes, standard, large, and extra large. Each size holds a generous amount of water. The ease in which a tree can be set up straight helps to reduce the stress of the season. Easy to put up, even with crooked tree trunks & will last for years. You will never have to buy another stand!

A tree must have a fresh cut on it when it is brought home, and the tree must never run out of water. The tree stand will hold up to 1 gallon of water and should be checked daily to ensure that there is water in the stand. Add water as necessary, but never let the tree run dry or else a new cut on the bottom of the tree will be required.

We also carry replacements for the buckets that were lost or broken, and ropes and chains.

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